Summer School

Grande Prairie Public School Division Summer School 2024

Grande Prairie Public School Division is committed to supporting multiple pathways to High School Completion for our students. This summer, the Division is proud to offer a specialized selection of courses hosted at the Bridge Network. Our Summer School Program is specifically designed to support and advance the academic journey of our high school students.

Before applying, students and families should carefully understand the course delivery, schedules, and commitment required to be successful in our Summer School environment.

Summer School Learning Overview


This program is exclusively available to current GPPSD students entering grades 10 - 12 in September.

Summer School Application

Applications must be submitted online using the form (link below) and are subject to approval based on prerequisites and consultation with the student's current Academic Counsellor or school administration. Applications for summer 2024 are now closed.

Summer School Schedule

In-person daily attendance from 8:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. is required for all courses except:

  • CALM 20
  • PE 10T
  • Moodle Online courses

Students must arrange their own transportation

Location: Bridge Network
Date: July 2 - July 26
Class Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.


Enrollment Commitment

Students are committed to their enrolment upon application approval unless registration numbers are insufficient. Course availability depends on enrolment, and the Division reserves the right to cancel courses if necessary.


$100 Refundable Summer School Fee - Students will be required to pay a $100 fee during their intake meeting at the Bridge Network. Students will be reimbursed this fee only if the course(s) has been completed.

Textbook Deposit - Students who need a textbook for their course will be required to pay a textbook deposit fee during their intake meeting at the Bridge Network. The deposit will be reimbursed upon returning the textbook.


Teacher Support and Course Expectations

The Summer School term is comprised of independent learning coursework offered in a compressed term. 

Teacher Accessibility

Certified teachers are on site during scheduled hours to provide course materials, oversee the curriculum, set clear expectations for assignment completion with deadlines and support student learning.  


Course Workload

Given the condensed format, students are required to attend in person (except for CALM, PE 10T and Moodle courses) and should prepare to dedicate approximately 5-6 hours daily to coursework.


Assignment Compliance

Adherence to daily deadlines and teacher expectations is mandatory. All assignments must be submitted according to the schedule set by the teacher.


Final Exams

All final exams must be completed in-person by July 26.


Programming consists of two types:

  • Full Course – students who have not taken the course previously
  • Credit Recovery – students can improve their marks on Alberta High School Courses that they have already taken in grades 10-12 that they have not received credit for

Course Selection Options

Eligible students may choose up to two courses to complete during the Summer School session: one core and one elective or two elective courses.

Prerequisite Requirements

Prerequisite courses must be completed and passed prior to summer school.  Please verify any pre-requisite before applying.

Course Offerings

  • CALM 20 (3) full course modules
  • English 10-2 (5) credit recovery
  • English 20-2 (5) credit recovery
  • Math 15-3 (3) full course (for students planning to take Math 10C)
  • Math 10-3 (5) full course or credit recovery
  • Math 20-3 (5) full course or credit recovery
  • PE 10T (3) full course self-directed modules
  • Science 14 (5) full course or credit recovery
  • Science 24 (5) full course or credit recovery
  • Social 10-2 (5) credit recovery
  • Social 20-2 (5) credit recovery


Moodle Online Courses

  • AGR3000 Agricultural Safety (1)
  • Abnormal Psychology 35 (3)
  • General Psychology 20 (3)
  • HSS 1010 Health Services Foundations (1)
  • Forensics 25 (3)
  • Forensics 35 (3)
  • Personal Psychology 20 (3)
  • HCS3000 Workplace Safety Systems (1)
  • HCS3010 Workplace Safety Systems (1)
  • World Geography 30 (3)


Off Campus  (Work Experience and Registered Apprenticeship Program)

  • Students register with and are supported by their current GPPSD high school. There is no need to complete the Summer School Application, just contact your School Off Campus Coordinator.