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The Bridge Network first opened its doors in 1993, and is currently located in the Lions Learning Centre with 250 students and 5.4 staff. It is an alternative educational environment for students ages 15-19 yrs of age Our programs are ideal for students who are not finding success in the traditional school setting or are older and not able to attend a High School full-time.

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Who we are!

Our Mission: Supporting students to become actively engaged and committed to their education while providing an alternative, flexible and personalized learning environment.

Parents at the Bridge Network

Parents at the Bridge Network are partners in Learning, Including a School Council, see more information HERE

At the Bridge Network Outreach School we help students with...

Diploma Credits
Do you just need a few more credits for your diploma but can't commit to a full semester?  We can help with that!

Course Challenges
Do you have your diploma already, or are you 19 years of age before September 1st?  Students can challenge courses to meet graduation requirements and upgrade school-based marks.  We can help with that!

Credit Recovery
Failed a course at one of our Division High Schools but you don't want to take the entire course again?  We can help with that!

Concurrent Enrolment
Can't fit a course into your timetable at one of our Division High Schools?  With your school's approval, we can help with that!

Do you need to improve a mark, but don't have time to go to school full-time due to work commitments?  We can help with that! 

Flexible Hours & Days of Attendance
Do you need to get a course or two for your diploma while working?  We can help with that!

Our School Education Plan is focused on:

Priority: Teaching and Learning
Outcome: Effective resources for teaching and learning.
Outcome: Effective practices and processes that support student success in an alternative educational environment.

Priority: Inclusion
Outcome: Create a safe and welcoming learning environment.
Outcome: Creating opportunities for student voice and a sense of belonging.

To see our full School Educational Plan and Results Report - Click HERE

Principal's Message

The Bridge Network provides an alternative means of education to serve our community learners.  We provide the academic and personal support needed for students  to meet their current goals and take steps towards new ones.  We connect our students to a network of educational partners within both Grande Prairie Public School Division and our community. 

Our school offers a full range of Grade 10-12 academic, CTS, Personal Development, and Diploma courses in a calm environment that emphasizes personalized learning.  Our professional staff are dedicated to working with our students and their families to develop a personalized schedule and learning plan that meets their needs.

We commit to our district philosophy which is to do what is best for our students and we look forward to serving you at the Bridge Network.